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Format Changes to my Wix Site

I found some limitations using Wix, and received some feedback that lead me to make some design changes to this site, and to how I will integrate the blog.

Here are some of the problems and changes:

  • Problem: Blog posts don't allow for alt-text or linking to images, which will limit the ability to generate traffic, and provide useful content.

  • Change: There is more flexibility in using individual pages for project posts so I can include more content. Making this change will let me share content more effectively.

  • Problem: Wix does not support more than one level of nested pages.

  • Change: I've created a 'Projects' page for now; long term I may break out Home Improvement, Woodworking and other types of projects as the content grows. It's a little more work to create, but will be worth it in the long run.

  • Change: I've added an Etsy link in the social icons, which isn't provided by Wix. I had to create my own, easy as lots of sources in a Google image search.

  • Problem: The embedded Etsy store has some formatting issues that make me crazy, and it's slow to load. I'll have to decide whether to keep this embedded; I'm not sure if it adds anything to the site or is confusing for the user whether I sell here or on Etsy.

  • Change: I need to write a clear, concise summary of why this pages exists, and add that to the 'About' page; and also secure a different email address to use.

With any transition, there are always challenges. Immediately after migrating to Wix, I was disappointed with the blog functionality. Thankfully, I think the problem has created a better product, as individual pages can be more static versus the more transient blog posts. I wonder if this format will limit future opportunities to monetize with affiliate links and proper add placement; but we'll cross that bridge later.


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