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Making a Game of Thrones Inspired Banner

Winter is Here!

Ok, so we might be more than a little excited for Season 8 of Game of Thrones. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a little yard decoration. This is how I made a Game of Thrones inspired banner, using upholstery fabric, spray paint, and fabric rivets.

I bought one yard of fabric, so 36 inches wide and 54 inches long, and started by laying out the letters on manilla file folders. The main lettering is 7 inches tall, and after pencilled in darkening the cut lines with a permanent marker made them easier to see. With the lettering complete, cut out the stencils with a craft knife. I wanted these to be negative stencils, so the interior of each letter is the important part, not the outline - so remember to be careful to not cut through or tear the letters. With all the letters cut out, a light coat of spray adhesive holds them in place but will be easily removed after painting.

The North Remembers.

Before paint is a good time to shape the banner to its final design. Cut the corners off the bottom edge and fold over with more spray adhesive to form a point at the bottom of the banner. Fold over the top edge straight across to reinforce the material for hanging the banner.

With the final shape established, paint a light base layer of blue across all the letters and then line the stencils with black. A few minutes after painting, while still slightly tacky, pull the stencils off. Back inside, punch holes through both layers of fabric across the top and bottom edges. Using a rivet set tool, hammer down fabric rivets to decorate and reinforce the edges of the banner. Finally, set grommets in the top corners to hang the banner.

Have fun, and we'll see who ends up on the Iron Throne!


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