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3D Printed Magnetic Screwdriver Caddy

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I picked up this set of small screwdrivers at an estate sale and needed some way to keep them organized. Having everything rolling around loose in the drawer is getting annoying and it would be nice to keep these within reach. I'll show you how to design and make this 3D printed screwdriver caddy. The dimensions used worked for this set of Craftsman Professional screwdrivers, and to fit on the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer. It is sized to fit six drivers in less than 120mm.

I designed this caddy in Fusion 360 and exported the STL file to Cura. The operations we simple sketches, extrusions, fillets and chamfers. The slicer settings I used are below, and the part was printed in PLA from Matterhackers. After printing, four 6mm cylindrical rare earth magnets are pressed into the back and secured with CA glue.

Print and Slicer settings were:

- Layer Height: 0.21875mm

- Shell Thickness: 0.8mm

- Infill: 18%

- Extrusion Temp: 195c

- Bed Temp: 45c

Download the STL files at:

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