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Phone Case Design Review in Two Minutes

I've worked as a design engineer for some time, and after a while evaluating product designs just starts to infiltrate my daily life. I've been carrying the same phone case for three years, when I bought a new version for my second phone I was utterly disappointed with one small design change that turned the whole product to junk.

Professionally, I've found myself in a place that needs to teach a new generation of engineers how to be attentive to even the smallest details. I'm going to try and put this into practice personally by being more proactive in analyzing my own thoughts about everyday experiences. Simply sitting down and committing thought to paper, or in this case a video, is a great way to practice being an analytic person.

It might not make me friends, but it will make me a better engineer...

The Good Case:

Engineering, as a profession, doesn't have to be intimidating. Sure, it's a fair amount of school, and more math than many people care for; but I find so much joy in bringing good products to market. If you want to see more of what I’m working on, check out the links below.


You can also find me at:

YouTube (all my DIY videos)

Instagram (What I'm working on @greatlakesmakes)

My Mini Factory (Download STL Files)

Facebook (be my friend?)

Instructables (Long format guides)


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