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How to Design and 3D Print a Threaded Knob

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Read the full project here. ​I have often found the need for different threaded knobs, either with a nut or a bolt, for some of my projects. While these may be available for purchase, it's a lot faster, easier and cheaper to design and print your own. For this project, I designed and 3D printed a set of knobs using 1/4-20 nuts and bolts from my local hardware store.​

Designing 3D Printed Threaded Knobs
Designing 3D Printed Threaded Knobs

Watch the Video Here to see how I designed, modeled, 3D printed and assembled these useful 3D printed threaded knobs.

​I plan on using these as quick attachments on my workbench to secure different tools, fixtures and other equipment while I'm working; as well as securing the removable top on my sawhorse work table.

The STL file for these parts is available here. ​Thanks for reading!


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